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We are the MARKET LEADERS to introduce innovative notions to help veterinary industry of Pakistan to overcome the challenges. Working with the name of DMG (Diversified Marketing Group) since 2002, we are determined to provide new concepts and ideas to improve animal health and overall productivity. Poultry and Dairy markets are one of the vibrant segments of Pakistan economy and DMG is contributing its share by introducing the farmers and other stakeholders with modern concepts and products. Owing to number of problems faced by the farmers both in health and production process, DMG has the capacity to present a wide range of solutions and products. Pakistan has rich livestock resources. At the same moment, still a large number of population is deficient in animal protein which triggers poultry and dairy husbandry as a major ray of hope to cover this gap.

Our Mission

Avaibility of high quality veterinary products on affordble prices.

Our Vision

Prosperous customers and employees with better tomorrow than today.

Core Values

Focus on quality in product and processes, care for all, fair businesses practices corporate culture: merit, discipline, inetgrity, flexibility.


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Our Principle


Khawaja Jamal Ajmal

Group Chairman DMG

I am very pleased to welcome you to “Diversified Marketing Group” DMG. First of all I thank ALLAH ALMIGHTY who give me the resources, vision and wisdom for establishing Diversified Marketing Group DMG.we are dedicated to innovating Bird wellbeing. All our efforts are directed towards developing novel solutions for Birds health and uplift of country’s economy. Over the years Diversified Marketing Group is committed to provide quality and result oriented veterinary medicinal products to deliver a unique contribution in animal health. We aim to reduce birds disease and improve bird health all over the Pakistan. I am very thankful to all Diversified Marketing Group customers for showing their confidence and trust on our products. I am equally thankful to all of my company employees for their relentless efforts and dedication. I assure you that in future also Diversified Marketing Group will continue to serve veterinarians, Poultry farmers and all other personnel related with Poultry industry for the uplift of poultry wellbeing and health by providing good quality products. May ALLAH ALMIHTY shower his countless blessings upon us and our country .

Muhammad Tahir Chaudhary

Chief Executive Officer DMG

At the onset of Diversified Marketing Group (DMG) in 2002, we established our vision to serve industry through innovative notions to reduce economic losses faced by the farmers. Over last two decades DMG has contributed significantly towards achievement of its vision. DMG at current has a great network of sales and marketing team across the country. The team is highly trained and professional and is capable to solve the practical problems of the industry. By continuously focusing on product selection, development and making it useful for the industry are the core strengths of DMG. We at DMG have a vision to offer our employees and customers a better tomorrow than today. The only ingredient which will never be missing in DMG products is “Quality”. DMG also has core values like merit, discipline, integrity, corporate culture and care for all. We have an aim that we will continue to strive for the betterment of the industry and our country. Pakistan Zindabad


Dr.Muhammad Suleman

General Manager

Dr.Saddam Tariq Gondal

National Sale Manager

Muhammad Asif Jahanzaib

Manager Operation

Faraz Khan

Finance Manager

Muhammad Adil

Bussiness Support Manager

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