Pathogen free Livestock and Poultry Farming

Broad Spectrum Disinfectant for Livestock and Poultry Farm Buildings

Viruquat 300 is a synergistic blend of aldehydes & quaternary ammonium compounds. it is a a combination of powerful broad spectrum activity of glutaraldehyde with the soil penetration (detergency) and rapid biocidal capacity of quaternary ammonium compounds. it is specifically formulated for disease control in all types of poultry and livestock production.

Salient Features

  • Rapid Biocidal action and wide spectrum of activity
  • Virucidal, Tuberculocidal. Bactericidal & Fungicidal
  • Synergy leads to economy in use
  • Excellent wetting power and detergency ofo rpenetration of soil and biofilms
  • Retains activity in the presence of organic soiling
  • good talerance of hard water conditions
  • effective at wide range of temperatures
  • Non-Corrosive at recommended use dilutions
  • Buffer systems for additional activity boost
  • effective deodoriser
  • good biodegradability