سے پاک Drug Resistanceگردوں کیلئے محفوظ اور

 ای کولائی سے بہتریں تحفظ اور مؤثرعلاجCina-TS

Each ml contains

Enrofloxcin                                                  75 mg

Sulphamethoxypyridazine                        75 mg

Sulphamethazine                                        50 mg

Trimethoprim                                              25 mg

Cina-TS is safe for chicken’s kidneys

Sulfonamides in Cina-TS have long half life (8-12 hours), quick absorption rate (Achieve minimum effective concentration in the first hour after administration) and slow excretion which in in complete compliance with reference given below.

“Selection of Sulfonamides having long plasma half lie and high intrinsic solubility will reduce chances of renal damage. To maintain adequate hydration and promote urine flow, water should be readily available to animals receiving sulfonamide therapy. Renal damage associated with use of sulfonamides having low intrinsic urinary solubility can be reduced by using mixture of two or three of these compounds. When several sulfonamides are administered concurrently, their antibacterial actions are summated, but the urinary solubility of each remains unaffected by presence of the other (Law of independent solubility). As a result, when several sulfonamides are administered, concentration of each drug in urine is minimized, thus reducing the possibility of crystal formation, but the total concentration of sulfonamide in blood is of sufficient magnitude to achieve bacteriostasis.”

Dosage Packing: 

1ml to 2ml / liter of drinking water for 3 to 5 days.